Brihat Vishnu Homam

Brihat Vishnu Puja and Homam is one of the most auspicious Puja and Homam to Lord Narayan ...Lord Vishnu that may fulfill your wishes, may save you and your family from all sort of threats and even from life threatening events... gives wholesome well-being and prosperity even surpassing astrological planetary malefic effects.   

Brihat Vishnu Homam consists of many Pujas including planetary Pujas and related Pujas, Path, Spiritual Kriyas, related fire rituals etc. Some of them are as stated below - 

  1. Vishnu Pujanam
  2. Vishnu Stotro path
  3. Vishnu Sahasra Tulsi Danam, 
  4. 125000 japas 
  5. Spiritual Kriyas
  6. Homam i.e. Havan

Offering of this auspicious Homam and Puja with offering of Sahasra Tulsi patra daanam to Lord Vishnu eliminates the misfortune, removes obstacles and brings Good luck and success. This auspicious homam and Puja is believed to be one of the most effective Puja to lord Vishnu Narayan that brings peace at home and  out side and strengthen the family bondage. It rectify or minimise many astrologycal planatary malific effects on someone's life and thus brings prosperity. It is also said that this auspicious homa & puja along with 125000 Vishnu Beej mantra Japas removes the curse on the family and at home. Removes unrest, anger and fear in the family and bring peace at home and outside. This auspicious homam is a three days programme i.e it takes 3 days to complete. Price US $363 or Rs. 21009 



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