Spiritual Classics

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India's Spiritual tradition is very enriched. Here some of the Spiritual Classic Music CDs are given that you can buy  to get a great internal feelings ..a very new experience for you that can not be described unless you have them...unless you listen them... ...

~  The jewels of  spirit  ~

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Mantras for everyday Morning - To make a start of your every day with a new freshness. This spiritual Mantras  create a peaceful, pleasant and cheerful atmosphere surround your mind. To feel everyday fresh and fine, Calm & quiet listen this.    SC001                BUY IT NOW 


Essence  of Bhagwad Gita - Bhagwad Gita is the great Epic beyond the limitation of Time which is nothing but the great speeches & Advises by Lord Krishna. This Music CD is the efforts of describing the essence of this great epic               SC002                   BUY IT NOW 

Gayatri Mantra          SC003               BUY IT NOW 


 Maha Mrityunjay - (stotras & Mantras for  survival)       SC004   

                              BUY IT NOW 

Music For Meditation    SC005            BUY IT NOW 


Vaastu Shanti - Shuddhi & Shanti - To remove all evil forces from Home and to keep a peace in  home & Hearts  this CD is unequal. It is said that Peace in Home makes Peace in All ... SC006         BUY IT NOW 

 Karya Siddhi Stotra ( For getting the success  in doing any desired work )          SC007                       BUY IT NOW 


The Art Of Living                    BUY IT NOW 

Evening Mantras :  This spiritual Vandana for every evening to creates a peaceful, pleasant and cheerful atmosphere at home and also work place             SC009                                  BUY IT NOW 


Shubh Laabh (Prayers For Abundance) - This is ideal for business man & woman.             SC010                               BUY IT NOW 

Timeless Wisdom        SC011          BUY IT NOW 


Spiritual set ( Gayatri & Maha Mrityunjay)     SC012 

                                    BUY IT NOW 

Music For Divine Meditation - Meditation is a method by which you may discover a divine peace & pleasure in your mind and the above music is a guideline that creates a divine atmosphere surrounding you for that.  

 SC013                                                        BUY IT NOW  




Spiritual Classics Cassettes

Audio Cassettes are also available for all above subjects. For buying cassettes kindly contact at indusland@yahoo.com 

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