Rudra Healing

Great Spiritual Rejuvenator


Rudra Healing, an Outstanding Spiritual Meditation with Kriya Yoga Concepts. A priceless Gift from Bharat Spiritual Services 

that can be acquired through a systematic Guru and Sishya concepts.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram - the perfect expression of the Universe through Lord Shiva Tatva. He is Sundar ...the Pleasent one. He is Shivam ...the auspicious one ...the Purus-Shakti...the association of Male and female force and He is Satyam ...always there ...Nitya ...Ananta ...Satya i.e. the absolute truth. 

Rudra Healing is a specialized spiritual act for the benefit of Human Being based on Shiva Tatva. It is an assimilation of Meditation and Spiritual Kriya yoga. More elaborately, it is a deeper Spiritual process associated with Bhakti and Kriya Yoga, Mantra Shakti & Meditation supported by some specific Asanas and Pranayamas that gives an amazing experience of outstanding rejuvenation with self realization which gives you an incomparable self enjoyment, self happiness and youthfulness.

Based on some specific spiritual techniques and meditation process this outstanding spiritual process may even retain your age static i.e. slow down the process of physical and mental Ageing. As a result people looks more young, youthful, fearless, happy, handsome and beautiful. 

As a great reliever & rejuvenator in purely spiritual way it brings down the blessings of Divine power ...cosmic energy in you. Even the man who has lost all hopes in life ...all interests in life may come back to a normal life with this great rejuvenator. 

Cost :  Nothing Except Dakshina that too is entirely at your discretion basis.

Restrictions :  It is some sort of Divine Knowledge type. So some restriction are there.

How to Proceed :  Prior Appointment is required by writing at 


Anybody can do it ...can learn it ...even an old man or woman can do it and lead a joyful and peaceful life. 


However, for this spiritual healing process you should have a real  interest to know and understand this Spiritual process AND you have to give up or leave some basic negative things that a person may acquire with his or her grown up of age.  Those are - Anger, Cruelty,  Dishonesty, Doubts, Disrespect, Hatred, Insult, Ignore, Jealousy and Greed.


Meditation bring Inner Peace, Happiness, Spiritual Enlightment. It is a great rest, great relief, great relaxation. It gives a great pleasure, great happiness in within and reward you with a  great peace. It enhances the vitality and spiritual power and helps to perform your day to day life more successful with peace in mind. This is a Psycho-physical Exercise that connects you to Divine power.


Rudra Healing is ideal for those who want to live well and also for those :-

  1. Who are gradually being lagging behind.

  2. Who are undergoing very stressful life.

  3. Who are loosing courage

  4. Who are loosing interests in living and want to die.

  5. Unhappy married life

  6. Lack of concentration in work.



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