Maha Niskraman Puja

Puja after death


Maha Niskraman is The Great Journey apart ...the great escape ...

It is believed that after the death even upto next one year feelings of the soul of deceased one still vibrate for his/her near & dear one due to the effect of "Maya" ...due to the residual feelings (residual because gradually these feelings diminishes slowly as an inevitable divine rule) of Love & Affection for near & dear one once he/she lived with. During this one year, after the death the body-less soul wander in "antariksha" (in between "Chandralok" and earth plane) and try to stay with near and dear one ...sometimes signs too ...sometimes even in a dream ...

...  But after this one year he/she finally has to get prepared for future course of processes bid good bye permanently to the near & dear one of his present birth with a mournful mind and toset for onward journey for  entering into the "Pitrilok" i.e. Chandralok or to take birth again (rebirth) in a new body after getting thoroughly examined and judged by inevitable divine judiciary procedure according to individual "Karmafal". we always try to perform this yearly and permanent farewell ceremony in an elaborated and better way as much as possible by installing and executing different spiritual procedures with daanam, paaths and Kriyas to her/his body-less departed soul with gratitude on behalf of you ... ... ...



Pricing and Ordering -

Maha Niskraman Puja (Big) for deceased person US $ 291

Maha Niskraman Puja (Small) for deceased person US $ 183



Pls. note that this Puja event is mainly performed at the 1st year death anniversary.


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