Panji or Panjika or Panchang

Panji or Panjika or Panchang is the book of your religious guide lines. Actual term Panjika has been reduced to a common language Panji. This is also very popular in the name of Panchang. This is a book where you can find religious calendar with a proper date and timings for starting and ending of a good moment of each individual date. Panji is very useful for finding good moments for any good work like Marriage, "Annaprasan", starting of any venture, business or any good work. Panji is a vast record of religious information. Here it is not possible to include every record. Therefore for the benefit of our all devotees or anybody of the viewer of this page , we are giving a very brief of information below by which wherever you are you can know the actual date of any religious occasion - 


Calendar Ready Reference 2018

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Good Days for different works


Do right thing at a right time for your Success :-

For getting auspicious time for your Marriage, Annaprasan (Giving of first solid food to the a child), For auspicious time for getting pregnant, Construction for House, Entering into your new house, Inauguration, Starting of new Trade, starting of New Factory, Starting of New Purchase, Starting of Sell, Auspicious time for purchasing Land

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February March


14 th - Bengali New Year

24th - Akshya Tritiya


6th - Buddha Poornima

8th- Rabindranath Birth day

27th - Jamai Sasthi

30th - Dasahara


2nd - BABA LOKNATH death anniversary

4th - Lord Jagannath Snan Yatra

21st - Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath

23rd - Bipadtarini Brata

26th - Bipadtarini Brata

26th - Vivaswat saptami (Surya Puja)

29th - Rath Yatra (return) Lord Jagannath



3rd - Guru Poornima

28th - Jhulan Yatra of Radha Krishna



2nd - Rakhi Poornima

9th - Srikrishna Jayanti, Janmastami

15th - Independence day



17th - Viswakarma Puja


23rd - Radhastami




2nd - Gandhi Jayanti

15th - Mahalaya, Amavasya

15th - 23rd - Navratri

20th - 23 rd - Durgapuja

29th - Lakshmi Puja


11th : Dhanteras


15th - Bhaiduja

16th - Kartik Puja

19th - Chhot Puja

22nd - Jagadhatri Puja, Navami, Tripura Sundari Puja, Durga Navami Vart, Akshay Navami Vrat.


27th - Krishna Rasyatra

28th - Guru Nanak's Birth Day




25th - Christmas Day




Calendar Ready Reference 2018 (upto April 15 th 2018)


1st - New Year's Day

23 rd : Netaji's Birth Day

26 th Republic Day

30 th :  Ekadoshi




 14 th  : Ganesh Puja

15 th : Saraswati Puja




27 th : Holi, Dolyatra, Poornima

29th - Good Friday

30th - Easter Saturday


13 th : Neel Puja

14 th : Charak Puja, Ekadoshi

15 th : Bengali Naba Barsa (Bengali New Year)




Offer Holy Puja on the auspicious Days like Bibaaha (Marriage),  Upanayan (poite), Annapraasan, Griharambha (Starting Building Construction), Starting Business ,Starting Tarde (Import), Starting Trade (Export), Grihaprabesh (Day for entering into your new house) etc.








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