KRISHNA - the real figure or mere imagination

Bhagwan Krishna - the key man behind MAHABHARATA who played the greatest role in DHARMYUDH to give a lesson to the world - what to do and what note to do, justice and injustice, DHARM AND ADHARM was the real human figure ...a flesh blood entity perhaps. The mythological figure of Krishna is vivid like a star in the heart of several crores of people throughout the world who gave birth of timeless eternal epic BHAGWAD GITA. And now as par Mr. Arun K. Bansal, the father of computer astrology in India, this one of the most glorified GOD took birth on this earth in the year 3228 BC. He even specified the date July 21,3228 BC. Bansal rest his claims on two of his software packages which can simulate any planetory configuration. And working backward from Krishna's date of death (derived from SHRIMAD BHAGWAT, VISHNU PURANAS and MAHABHARATA) the above date has satisfied every condition as described like Krishna born in Rohini Nakshatra, Hindu month bhadrapada, day was - 8th day of waning moon, midnight. According to Mr. Bansal February 18, 3102 BC is the day when Krishna embressed the death (voluntary death).

Source : Outlook