Mantra Japas, Beej Mantra Japas, Mantra Mala Japas, Brihat Mantra Japas with Pujas and Path of specific deity, group of deities or planetary deities are said to be very auspicious, useful and may be beneficial for removing all evils and misfortunes; may fulfill your wishes ...

Spiritual Hindu Japas and Path plays the wonder in human life. It is said that it plays a vital role in removing and eradicating all negative and malefic effects in our life. REMOVING OF DOSA IN HOROSCOPE, JAPAS AND SPIRITUAL PATH CONTRIBUTION IS IMMENSE. Regular or periodic Japas are said to be very helpful for removing your problems (that you are facing), Bad Luck, Black magic, possible dangers; for rectifying planetary flaws in horoscope; restoring peace in life. Japas are actually very helpful for pacifying individual  planet for getting their Blessings that further give rise an increasing and controlling of planetary strength. It brings divine help and protection in favour of you that brings Heath, Happiness and prosperity. Some of very powerful Japas are given below -

1. Ma Bagalamukhi Japas, Path and Puja :   

Very powerful. Works fast and very good for controlling enemies. It is said that Offering of Japas & Pujas to Devi Bagala Mukhi acts like a weapon to stop your enemy from doing a harm against you. It is also believed that by offering Puja, Homa and Japas to Ma Bagalamukhi, somebody can get a relief from legal problems and court case with a victory; he/she can get rid of being the victim of an adverse incidents, relief from Black Magic etc.

Offer Ma Bagalamukhi Japas, Path and Puja Now -


Prices are same for other Devi Mata Japas like - Ma Kali, Devi Bhubaneswari, Devi Durga, Devi Tripureswari, Ma Tara etc. 



2. Surya / Chandra / Mangal / Boodh / Guru / Sukra / Shani / Rahu / Ketu  Mantra Japas, Path and Puja  (FOR EACH PLANET)


















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