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Go Divine  ... an art of meditation

Go Divine is a term that relates to spirituality, meditation, and the pursuit of inner peace. 'Go Divine'  mean to surrender oneself to a higher power or to seek guidance from a divine source. It is a call to let go off one's ego and allow the divine to guide and direct one's life. This may involve prayer, meditation and other spiritual practices that help connect one to a higher power or source of wisdom. In a meditation context, "Go Divine" can refer to the process of achieving a state of deep inner peace and spiritual connection. Through practices such as mindfulness meditation, one can quiet the mind, let go of distracting thoughts, and connect with the divine within. This can bring about a sense of tranquility, contentment, and a feeling of being connected to something greater than oneself.

Go Divine ... innerself Spiritual engineering ... is a Spiritual Yoga & Meditation system that gives you Health, Happiness and Success. This simple life changing guidance may make you cool, balanced and happy from within. It gives you youthfullness, restore external and internal beauty and slow ageing. It may equip you properly to face everydays challenges, remove fear & stress, make you more efficient in duties & responsibilities ...after all it's a Divine science that understand you much better and bring health, happiness and good luck too. Through this divine Yoga & Meditation you may experience a balanced, relaxed and peaceful mind with unprecedented enthusiasm and feel energetic. Here, your biggest discovery will be the connection with divinity that may be the highest ever back up of your inner strength and for this just your surrender, dedication, belief and honesty is needed ... 

If you want you may get our guidance at nearly a free of cost.


Who we are ?

We are a religious organization engaged in providing services in spiritual way for people welfare and better lifestyle. We provide religious and Spiritual services regarding online Puja, homam, havan, astrology etc. We also provide our little humble guidance in Spiritual Yoga & Meditation to you in nearly at a free of cost. This is our efforts and initiative to guide our people to search out peace happiness from this chaotic world and live with a smiling face ... You can be the part of our guidance ...

Who can get this ? 
anybody ... a student, housewife homemaker, service man, service women businessman, businesswoman, doctors lawyers anybody anybody of all ages in any society can do it for spiritual mental physical development, to generate concentration, to have a balanced mind, remove stress & depression, remove monotony and isolation i.e. loneliness, to withstand competition, to withstand work pressure.
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Charges & Program

GoDivine - the masterpiece of Meditation is useful for everyone. Learn and Practise. Learn for your self-requirement to live well. Experience the different world ...a peace surround. ... this Divine meditation may take away your sorrows and give you back an inner peace and happiness in return ... You need not pay a hefty amount to learn it. You need not spend a huge time to learn it. It is a divine Yoga and so we can't charge you anything for learning it unless you pay us at your will as 'Dakshina'. Only a tini US$21 can bring you a great difference. Yes, you are required to pay only US$21 which include your membership fees and an internet Charges. This is a 3 days programme. May be sometimes 1-1 basis.  After 3 days you may practice of your own at your home or you can join our guidance class in group again and practice with us at very low price only i.e.  $18 for 10 days or $51 for 30 days or $120 for 90 days.

Learning of this Divine meditation acts on 'Guru' & 'Sisya' concept and so our relationship will remain forever  with you. 


Pls. note it is not a teachers training programme and we do not give any certificate. It is a people welfare 

programme for having a better lifestyle. This is not a course based but training and practice based.




this is a wonderful spiritual programme for the people of all ages that may 

remove your isolation, depression and  loneliness of any form ...




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