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We are a Spiritual House to provide you a personalized spiritual services like PERSONALIZED Puja or Pooja, Homam, Astrology, Kavacham and Other religious services.  For more details pls. visit About Us.


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Online Puja or Pooja, Online Homa, Online Vedic Astrology etc. all are the parts and process of invoking Divine powers to remove your obstacles ... to save you from your troubles & crisis ... and to paves the way for giving you success, abundance, prosperity and peace in life ... ... with the Blessings of God & Goddess.



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Satyanarayan Puja

Offering of Satyanarayan Puja with Satyanarayana Homa brings the Abundance and Peace in all forms in the entire family of a person - at Home, out side, at Work place...

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Navagraha Pujas i.e. Puja of 9 Planets










Pujas and Festivals 

in 2016






Birthday Homa or Havan  

for Childs and adults












Navagraha Pujas

About us FAQ Contact Us Book Puja Quickly Puja Procedure Payment Options Disclaimer. The century old belief in the mind of millions of people that - after offering PUJA or Pooja (worship) and prayers to these deities nobody return with empty hands and their Wishes get fulfilled... ... ...

 Spiritual Services for your Protection, Prosperity and Peace

Tarpan i.e. Sarva Pitri Shraddha On Pitru Paksha (17 th - 30th September 2016) 

(Offering Shradhya to forefathers on pitar paksh)

Offering of Tarpan i.e. Sarva Pitru Shraddh on Pitri Paksha to dead forefathers & dead relatives is a ritual followed by Millions of Hindus. It is the duty of all descendants to satisfy the thirsts of their ancestors or dead relatives in proper way in this auspicious Pitru Paksha Tithi. Like Previous years this year too we also have arranged this personalized service for you to offer Tarpan i.e. Sarva Pitru Shraddha to your dead relatives.

Main Tarpan or Pitri Shraddha ritual for dead forefathers & dead relatives to be held on the Auspicious Day of Mahalaya i.e. on 30 th September Amavasya Tithi.

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Holy Puja on Navratri  (1 st October - 10 th October 2016 )

During the festival of Navratri, Devi  Durga is worshipped as nine incarnations i.e. avatars. During these nine holy days, each day one of the Avtars of goddess Durga  is worshipped. On these days, devotees perform Durga pooja / puja. The 9 incarnations of Ma Durga are -

1.  Mata Shailputri  2.  Mata Brahmacharini

3.  Mata Chandraghanta  4.  Mata Kushmanda

5.  Ma Skanda Mata  6.  Mata Katyayani

7.  Mata Kalratri  8.  Mata Maha Gauri

9.  Mata Siddhidatri

Navaratri Festival 

(1 st. October - 9th October)

Navaratri is basically a very auspicious celebration for Nine days  to adore and offering Puja to Mother Goddess Devi Durga. You may Offer Holy and Auspicious Navratri Puja Online, during Nine days or nights  to -

Overcome obstacles

Fulfill Your Desires

Combat Your Enemies

Bring Success, Prosperity  & Peace in Life.

You may offer Holy and Auspicious Navratri Puja Online, during Nine days or nights and for this -   Click Here  


You may also offer Holy and Auspicious Chandi Homa in this auspicious Navratri   Devi Durga i.e. Chandi Homa 


Devi Bagalamukhi - for Protection ...for Prosperity and to Stop your Enemies ...

Online Pooja or Pujas

Offer Online Puja or Pooja to Hindu God and Goddess for getting Divine Blessings and Assistance for fulfilling your wishes and desires. 

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Homam, Homa Or Havans are powerful ancient fire rituals that have been performed in India by the Vedic sages for over 5000 years. People go for Homam with belief in mind of  getting a faster spiritual effects and results to overcome their crisis.

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Raksha Kavach

Holy Kavacham is a spiritual amulet ...Spiritual Locket and is called a Divine protector that creates a powerful spiritual Guard on you which may protect you from Evils, Dangers, Misfortunes, Black magic, bad luck, Losses in business, accidents, Buri najar i.e. evil eyes, bad health etc. It also gives Protection, Success, Prosperity ...

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 - Spiritual device to protect you,  your family, your home ...


Sometimes a person is required to offer Puja to a particular Deity or number of deities for longer period of time to remove the Misfortunes and bad effects of his / her life and to derive Success and happiness.  Now you can do it at low cost.


Personalized Horoscope

This jyotish Horoscope is made much more authentically by our expert  astrologers by analyzing your particulars in personalized and elaborate way.

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Mantra Japas, Beej Mantra Japas etc. in proper spiritual ways may be extremely beneficial for removing all evils and misfortunes and may fulfills your wishes.


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Zodiac Protection Locket

  It is said that Zodiac Protection Locket acts very well in the crisis time of life. It create Protection, gives power and bring good luck for you.

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 || Rudra Healing ||


Know  which Homa or Puja helpful to you -

(Pls. note that it is a guidance at a glance advice from our part. You are free to offer Puja to any God and Goddess at any temple) 





 ... God does not come down always but he/she blesses you, shows you right ways and attach you to right persons ...


Bhakti (Devotion) & Karm (work with repeated efforts) together produces the perfect match for your success ...fulfills your desires...

Personalized online Pooja,

Personalized Homam,

Personalized Astrology 

and Many Others

We offer our personalized Spiritual services on behalf of you like online Poojas, Homam, Kavach making, Yantras etc. all in mainly personalized way, so that your own wishes and desire get fulfilled with the blessings of God & Goddess.


Online Puja or Pooja, Online Homa, Kavachs i.e. talisman or amulets, Yantras, Japas, Online Vedic Astrology etc. all are parts and process of invoking Divine powers to protect you remove your obstacles ... to save you from your troubles & crisis ... and to paves the way for giving you success, abundance, prosperity and peace in life ... ... with the Blessings of Divine power.


Online Pooja, Online Protection, Online Peace ... ... ...  

We offer our personalized services for your personalised Pooja, so that your own desire get fulfilled  with the kindness and blessings of God & Goddess. We don't depend on any agent. We always try to Offer Pujas, Homas etc. for you in such a personalized way so that spiritually you can get the maximum positive effect .... initially you may not feel it sometimes but in the long run you may realize it. 



Please send the information about you or the man / woman for  whom you want to offer PUJA or Pooja , your desire if any, Address and the required amount to us after selecting your Puja or Temples for offering your puja, as you want. We will offer puja or Pooja in the name of you or as you want and then we will send the 'Prasad' and 'pushpa' and other after-puja-upachar to you directly through national or international post or by any speed mail or courier as you want. We always use dry fruits or dry food for Prashad, so that somebody can  use them even after many days.



Your Online Puja or Pooja become more personalized

We offer our personalized services for your personalised 'puja', so that your own desire get fulfilled  with the kindness and blessings of God & Goddess. We always try to Offer Pujas, Homas etc. for you in such a personalised way so that spiritually you can get the maximum positive effect .... initially you may not feel it sometimes but in the long run you may realize it. 





Pls keep Faith and Respect those things which we sends to  you after your POOJA or HOMA held. Convey your regards and respects at least once a day.  These after-puja-items or After-Homa-Items are believed to have Divine (cosmic) powers in them as those things are actively included in your Puja or Pooja which may bring success, abundance, peace, prosperity and happiness. 


~ For Every payment you send we pay a part of it to beggars and destitute ~




Shani Shanti Puja

It is said that if Shani Deva i.e. the Effect of Saturn goes against you then your life may be Ruined. Facing of Troubles,  Obstacles and misfortunes may make your life extremely miserable. Shani Shanti Puja  and Homa which is performed in personalized way for you may create a powerful spiritual Guard on you to give you a protection and guard against Saturn's evil effect.

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It is believed that Lord Saturn bestows all benefits to those devotees who pray to him with full devotion. Shani Shanti Puja, Shani shanti Homa, Shani Yantra, Shani Kavach and Shani Mantra Japa are said to play very vital role to appease Grah Raj Shani Deva to remove or Minimize the Malefic effect of Shani i.e. Saturn on you and to bestow Good Luck, Peace and Prosperity.







Puja After Death










We Guarantee that your Order for Puja or Homa or anything else must be performed by us ! 







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Shiva Puja

Devi Bagala Mukhi

Laxmi-Ganesh Puja

Maha Kali Puja

Satyanarayan Puja

Gouri-Shankar Puja

Shani Puja



Popular Homam -

Lakshmi-Ganapathy Homam

Bagalamukhi Homa

Durga i.e. Devi Chandi Homa

Shiva Homa

Shiva Rudravishek Homa

Shiva-Shakti Homa

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Pujas and Homam for Health -

Shiva Puja

Shiva-Kali Puja

Ma Tara Pooja


Maha Mrityunjaya Homam

Ayush Homam

Rudra Hanumate Homam



Pujas and Homam for wealth & 

finance -

Laxmi-Ganesh Puja

Laxmi Puja

Lakshmi Kuber Puja

Gouri-Shankar Puja


Lakshmi-Ganapathy Homam

Durga i.e. Devi Chandi Homa

Lakshmi Homa

Shree Suktha Homam

Laxmi-Kubera Homam


Pujas and Homam to remove Misfortunes -

Lord Jagannath

Shiva Puja

Durga Puja


Durga i.e. Devi Chandi Homa

Shiva Rudravishek Homa

Maha kali Homa

Navagrah Homa

Shani Homa


Pujas for Success, Prosperity -

Durga i.e. Devi Chandi Homa

Lakshmi-Ganapathy Homam

Ma Tara Homam

Ganesh Homa

Shree Suktha Homam



Pujas  and Homam for removing Obstacles, Blackmagic -

Hanuman Puja

Devi Bagala Mukhi

Maha Kali Puja


Maha kali Homa

Devi Bagalamukh Homam

Shiva Rudravishek Homa

Haridra Ganesh Homam

Rudra Hanumate Homam


Pujas  and Homam for Students for getting good scores and success in Examination and for developing attentiveness and concentration on studies -


Ma Tara Homam


Saraswati Homam



Pujas  and Homam for removing Fear, Fear for death, murder, accident, weakness and to bring physical and mental strength, power,energy and vitality -

Rudra Hanumate Homam

Maha Mrityunjaya Homam

Shiva Rudravishek Homa

Maha Sudarshan Homam

Maha kali Homa


Pujas  and Homam to remove sudden obstacles in your work, projects or in business   -

Haridra Ganesh Homam

Ma Tara Homam

Maha kali Homa


Pujas  and Homam to combat dreaded planetary flaws or Dosa in horoscope  -

Maha Mrityunjaya Homam

Navagrah Homa

Shani Homa

Rudra Hanumate Homam


Pujas  and Homam for peace at home, retaining a family bondage, personal wealth, abundance, good luck and prosperity -

Lakshmi-Narayana Homam

Shiva-Shakti Homa


Pujas  and Homam for peace and self realization -

Shiva Rudravishek Homa

Shiva Homa


Homam for saving group of people from dangers, sufferings and crisis -


  Rudra-Shakti Homam



 (Above Pujas or Homam are simple spiritual guidelines with respective purposes. You may choose any Pooja or Homa as per your need and purposes, at your will).


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For getting Success & Abundance -

Offer Maha Laxmi &  Ganesh i.e. Ganapathy Homa and Puja for getting Success,  Abundance and Prosperity in your life.


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Can't Understand which Puja and Homa you should go for ... ... ?






Hare Krishna


Krishna - the real figure or Mere Imagination ?

A little simple offering of  PUJA  at these Temples can change your life  ...can give you peace ...can remove your misfortune ... ... ...


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Online Puja, Perform Online Pooja, online homam, Online Prasad, online Prasadam, online Vedic Astrology, online personalized horoscope, yantra, Kavach, Talisman, amulet and many more

We conduct following Homas in Personalized way  for you :-

Ganapathy Ganesh Homa or Havan, Navagraha Homa or Havan, Saturn Havan or Homam, Chadi Homa i.e Devi Durga Homam or Havan, Vishnu Sudarshan Homa, Satya Narayan Homa - Special and intensive Puja - with detailed katha path and Bramhan vojan, Lakshmi Homa or Homam, Saraswati Homa, Shiva Homa, Shiva-Shakti i.e. Shiva-Durga Homa,  Maha Mrityunjaya Homam, Maha Kali Homa, Bagalamukhi Homa, Ma Tara Homa etc.





- In the name of god its our commitment that we maintain honesty -


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